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EnSheild® Protected Packing Stickers are eco-friendly products which help in protecting your products from humidity, bacteria, fungus and mold. They are more effective than the other available forms of mildew control like sprays, wasabi based products, dehumidifiers, ultra violet lights, silica gel etc. EnSheild® Stickers facilitate sending of shipments absolutely in fresh conditions to your customers.

  • EnSheild® Protected Packing Stickers are made of food grade quality components in a recyclable low-density polyethylene (LDPE) base.
  • Each roll of EnSheild® Protected Packing Stickers comes in a vacuum packed sealed foil pouch.
  • The EnSheild® Protected Packing Stickers are Green in color.
  • EnSheild® Protected Packing Stickers comes in One size.
  • EnSheild® Dispensers are also available for the storage and smooth usage of the stickers.

Features of EnSheild® Protected PackingStickers

  • It creates the EnSheild® atmosphere which works on a principle of chemical release instead of mere absorption. This checks the high amount of moisture in the air and its temperature, both of which accelerate the growth of Bacteria and Fungus.
  • This atmosphere is constantly maintained.
  • The release rate of the stickers is directly proportional to the amount of humidity and temperature in the air and thus optimum protection is ensured.
  • The stickers can only prevent the growth of mold and humidity and should not be used to treat mold.

Advantages of EnSheild® Protected Packing Stickers

  • Provide protection against mold and mildew.
  • Safe for workers and consumers when used as directed.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Constant release rate determined by temperature and humidity levels.
  • Keep the product fresh when it reaches the customer.
Number of EnSheild® Protected Packaging Stickers to be used depends on:
  • The Size of the Box
  • Number of Products in the box
  • Our Technical team can guide you online regarding the application of the stickers

For further information contact: / 98301 99595
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